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What makes a Person the Target Market for CBD?

How do I find the target market for CBD products? As you research CBD websites in hopes to establish your own store, you’re probably asking yourself that question. Whether you have a new or established hemp/CBD business, you need to focus your marketing strategy on certain demographics.

Below, we discuss a handful of marketing tips you can use to establish a stronger ROI on your turnkey CBD website.

How to Find Your Target Market for CBD Enthusiasts 

How many people in the United States really use hemp-based CBD products? Which demographics make up the best target markets for your CBD e-commerce site? Who is familiar with the CBD industry? Do they buy CBD online?

With the recent shift in U.S. policy around marijuana and hemp, it seems that attitudes across the country are changing. In Oregon, they decriminalized possession of drugs overall while a handful of other states caught up in the legalization of marijuana.

A recent Gallup poll shows that about 14% of people in the United States (roughly 1 in 7) say that they regularly use CBD oils and other products themselves. With the change in attitude around drugs and the recent legalization of hemp, sales of hemp-based CBD products saw a significant increase over the last year or so.

Still, it’s important to put this in perspective. That study found that 14% of adults in the US use hemp-derived CBD products. However, the research also shows that 50% of adults don’t use CBD. Moreover, 35% are not familiar with CBD products at all.

Why You Should View This as an Opportunity 

The above study shows that a significant portion of the US population uses CBD while many more do not. However, the rising popularity of CBD products is likely to pique their curiosity. Whether they want to try something trendy or feel curious about the therapeutic benefits, there’s potential.

You could focus your entire CBD marketing strategy around that 14%. However, it’s wise to target that 50-85% of adults who have yet to take the plunge. Leverage their curiosity into your strategy. More than likely, this portion of the US population plans to research CBD and hemp products.

With proven digital marketing tactics, you can promote hemp-derived CBD products to the right people by focusing on their intent. Moreover, using a platform like the turnkey CBD websites at Greentech Software, you can set yourself for long-term success.

Who Uses CBD in the USA? 

While the majority of US adults explore their curiosity around CBD products, it’s good to take a look at the current target market for CBD sales. Research shows that among those who use CBD products, 20% are under the age of 30. From there, the use of CBD products decreases by age group.

Among those aged 65 or older, only 8% use CBD while 49% are not even familiar with it. This data makes sense because the same pattern appears in Gallup data covering marijuana. Younger adults to show a higher prevalence as older adults show a bit more hesitance.

A Regional Breakdown of CBD Target Markets 

Per the research performed by Gallup, about 21% of US adults living in the western United States use CBD products. In the south, this sits at 13% while the east and midwest both sit around 11%.

Following the legalization of cannabis in many states across the Western US, this makes sense. People have had access to the products for much longer and are much more familiar with them.

Your Target Market for CBD Sales 

While the data in this post uses feedback from US adults, it’s good to look at companies marketing hemp-derived CBD products in other countries as well. With things so early in the legal CBD world, many marketers tend to claim that CBD products have a broad spectrum of benefits both medical and therapeutic.

However, it’s important to remember that research is still underway. The FDA has no confirmed data to support use, dosages, or how effective hemp-derived CBD products are. Individuals and media alike run rampant with claims of CBD’s power, with some claiming it to be a cure-all of sorts.

So, what do adults who use CBD products claim? Why are they using CBD?

  • Anxiety – 20%
  • Arthritis – 8%
  • Insomnia – 11%
  • Pain – 40%

Between men and women using hemp-derived CBD products, about 4 out of 10 say it’s for relief from chronic pain. However, it seems women are more likely to utilize CBD for anxiety – at 25% to the men’s 14%. Moreover, men seem to use CBD as a sleep aid – their 15% against women’s 8%.

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