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Is Dropshipping CBD Online Profitable? 

Over the dropshipping cbdyears, dropshipping CBD products have become increasingly popular. The CBD industry offers great profit potential with the right products, branding, and CBD marketing. Many entrepreneurs want to understand how profitable it is to set up an online CBD store, wondering whether a dropshipping model is right for them.

The Growing CBD Industry 

Two of the leading cannabis researchers, Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, believe that CBD sales in the United States will exceed $20 billion by the year 2024. This is because the industry has a great deal of growth potential all while it currently expands year over year. With seemingly limitless profit potential, dropshipping CBD products through a turnkey CBD website is a great way to benefit from the potential of the industry.

Extracting CBD from hemp is an affordable process in itself because hemp contains more of the chemical compound than its cannabis counterpart. In turn, the extraction process is relatively inexpensive. As hemp farms grow and expand, a diverse marketplace of CBD e-commerce websites gains steady support.

A Recurring Customer Base for Drop Shipping CBD 

When your customers purchase CBD products from your online store, it is rarely a one-time purchase. Similar to vitamins and supplements, many people from the target market for CBD see the value of continued treatment. For CBD to be effective, people tend to take it consistently in order to feel the benefits.

Moreover, people often use CBD as a supplemental or holistic treatment to conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, and anxiety – with the supervision and recommendation of their doctors.

With a doctor’s guidance, just about anyone can use CBD. This means your target audience is quite broad. When you utilize Greentech’s turnkey CBD websites and e-commerce platform, you have access to dropshipping CBD products with trusted quality. Our high-quality hemp-derived CBD products ensure you sell family-friendly, safe products in your store.

Cost-Effective Inventory By Dropshipping CBD 

Dropshipping CBD products is a cost-effective way to manage your inventory. Because you only purchase what your customers buy, you never have to overspend on CBD oil and hemp products. Moreover, you eliminate the cost of warehousing, storage, and shipping.

When you partner with a platform that drop ships high-quality CBD products, you utilize existing arrangements that handle warehousing, packaging, and distribution on your behalf.

Is Dropshipping CBD Products Legal? 

CBD dropshipping is legal in the United States and the European Union. However, it is currently not legal in Australia or Canada.

Common CBD products include infused edibles, topicals, capsules, and more. A wide variety of products are available for dropshipping.

CBD products with growing popularity include the following:

  • Edibles include gummies, candy, baked goods, and other foods. They face scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but are still commonly seen in stores.
  • CBD capsules typically come in a soft gel or gelatin capsule. They offer a fast and convenient dose of CBD. They are easier to use than tinctures or isolates and are a common alternative for customers who wish to avoid edibles.
  • Topical CBD products include creams, gels, bath bombs, and more. Often, customers use these to address sore muscles. Typically, they target a localized area of the body.

Dropshipping CBD with Our Turnkey CBD Websites 

When you use Greentech’s e-commerce platform, you automatically connect with our CBD dropshipping program. We offer a broad spectrum of high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products in our turnkey CBD websites. Whenever a customer places an order on your site, our team of specialists fulfills the order on your behalf.

Moreover, Greentech stays up-to-date on the rules and regulations surrounding CBD e-commerce. All of our CBD stores display the required COAs and disclaimers the FDA requires, meaning you never have to worry about the small details.

When you’re ready to start your CBD business, our white-label CBD websites and dropshipping CBD services give you a head start. We design our programs to make selling CBD online simple and easy.



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