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Can You Advertise CBD Online?

When advertising CBD online, you face a lot of restrictions. The vast major of channels for online advertising restricts and limits how brands can promote CBD products. However, there are ways to advertise your CBD products in the digital sphere and reach your target audience.

Over the years, CBD has become one of the most profitable products in e-commerce, projected to bring in over $1 billion in revenue in the United States alone over the course of the next couple of years.

One of the fastest-growing trends in the modern history of consumer goods, you simply cannot ignore the presence and popularity of cannabidiol (CBD). Still, the major online advertising channels don’t allow brands to promote CBD products easily.

From Facebook and Instagram to Google and even Snapchat, CBD brands face major limitations in how they promote their products and build their online presence. Between restrictions on paid advertising through Facebook ads or Google ads and the restrictions by the FDA, creative digital advertising is your best bet.


Display Advertising and CBD

While Google does not allow CBD ads, a range of platforms allows display advertising for CBD brands to run on their clients’ sites. For example, FieldTest capitalized on the restrictions placed on how to advertise CBD. Striking deals with premium publishers across the Internet, they have made display ads available for CBD advertising through their platform.

With a platform like this, CBD brands have a great way to gain brand awareness and recognition as well as traffic through a premium inventory operating outside of the Google Display Network.


Advertise CBD with Influencer Marketing

In the digital marketing sphere, working with influencers allows your CBD brand to bypass advertising restrictions in place on popular social media channels. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, you tap directly into the influencers’ organic followers.

When you partner with influencers, you advertise CBD products in your online store to a wider audience. With organic social media posts, the influencer puts you directly in front of a host of individuals. However, the key is to choose the right influencer to ensure that your brand is a good fit.

Moreover, it’s crucial to remember that sometimes even influencers with smaller reach can be better options for brands. While their audience is smaller, they offer a better concentration of a niche target market. On the other hand, someone with a larger, more diverse audience might lead to more impressions and less engagement.


Native Advertising 

This form of advertising offers a way to advertise CBD in a way that does not disrupt the user experience. Typically, the ads are embedded into the content. However, sometimes the ad IS the content.

Oftentimes, this CBD marketing strategy revolves around third-party websites that post sponsored content. Usually, this form of CBD advertising involves a bill on a CPC or CPM basis. However, many platforms that offer native advertising place restrictions on what content they promote.

With a little ingenuity, though, there are ways to navigate these limiting policies. When you place sponsored content in a publication such as Forces, which has millions of active users each month, you leverage the scale of their audience to grow your brand’s recognition.


How to Advertise CBD with Affiliate Marketing 

In affiliate marketing, people base fees on performance. For example, there might be a percentage commission based on product sales. Because of this fee structure, affiliate marketing is often a low-risk way to build quality traffic.

Many CBD companies sign up with major affiliate networks, such as affiliate window. However, there are other trusted networks such as Clickbank or CannAffiliate. This CBD advertising strategy enables your CBD brand to gain support and drive online sales for an agreed-upon commission.


Can You Advertise CBD Online? Yes! 

Despite the restrictions that traditional advertising platforms have on CBD products, you can advertise CBD online through a range of alternative strategies. In the years to come, Google and other channels might change their restrictions. For now, your CBD brand can invest in building a solid organic foundation through educational content and creative engagement.

  • Educate your target audience and engage them with thought leadership.
  • Leverage your social media to build a community around your brand before scaling up to paid media.

As the CBD e-commerce space becomes more saturated, it is key to ensure you have everything in place before you unload on CBD advertising. With our turnkey CBD websites, you have everything you need to launch your online CBD business and sell CBD oil and other products right away.


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