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What Is and Isn’t Allowed

When you want to advertise CBD on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ll run into some issues. In a perfect world, CBD advertising would be able to balance a mix of paid ads across several platforms. However, CBD brands aren’t always able to rely on paid advertising in social media channels. Still, you can always try for ad approval on social platforms.

Can My CBD Brand Advertise on Facebook? 

Facebook and Google account for about 60% of the digital advertising money spent in the United States. Unfortunately, many CBD brands occupy a small amount of that spending. The trouble with these platforms is that they tend to treat CBD as an illegal product despite hemp-derived CBD being legal per the 2018 Farm Bill.

Both of these platforms accept specific subsets of ads but enforce their own policies around CBD advertising quite irregularly. This results in some ads being accepted while comparable ones are rejected per their policy.

So, Whats Allowed on Facebook? 

As you attempt to advertise CBD on Facebook, you’re sure to find the strange applications of policies surrounding CBD. Facebook and Instagram prohibit content showing “illegal products or services.” Per this policy, advertisements cannot constitute, facilitate, or promote illegal products.

“Adverts must not constitute, facilitate or promote illegal products, services or activities. Adverts targeted to minors must not promote products, services or content that are inappropriate, illegal, or unsafe, or that exploit, mislead or exert undue pressure on the age groups targeted.”

In addition to this policy, Facebook has their own which pertain to unsafe supplements and drugs. Still, CBD ads are often rejected as an “illegal product or service.” Despite the fact that CBD advertisements don’t violate these stipulations, the social media giant continues to reject a majority of these ads.

While CBD brands strive to obey the evolving laws, they still struggle to understand and abide by these stricter, more secretive, and more inconsistent ad policies on tech platforms. In particular, Facebook does not directly mention CBD in its guidelines. However, they seem to have an internal policy that does not allow brands to advertise CBD on Facebook.

How You Can Increase Your Chances of Ad Approval 

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for approval on Facebook and Instagram regardless of the content of your ad or landing pages. Still, here are a few recommendations that help your odds of approval.

Remove all mention of CBD from your ad copy, no matter what they say they allow. You can replace these with euphemisms such as “plant-based remedies.” If they reject your campaign again, try developing a gated landing page that is specific to your campaign. Omit all references to CBD but include a call to action with a link to your website.

If you still cannot advertise CBD on Facebook with this campaign, remove the links to your website from the landing page and leave it as a stand-alone with no connection to your main website.

Should they approve your campaign, wait a couple of days and reintroduce the links to your website on the landing page. If you face rejection once again, it may be time to move on.

No Luck Trying to Advertise CBD on Facebook? 

When your efforts are unsuccessful, your best bet is to try out programmatic advertising, shifting your budget dollars to a new platform. With this option, you’ll find far more acceptance of CBD adverts. For more recommendations on CBD advertising, stay tuned to our blog.

If you’re ready to start a CBD business of your own, our turnkey CBD websites offer an excellent way to invest with low overhead.


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