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CBD email marketing is one of the most overlooked forms of digital marketing across the CBD industry. Online CBD stores have a major opportunity to take advantage of email, a competitive channel that often offers a high return on investment (ROI).

Once you have your turnkey CBD website from Greentech up and running, you want to improve sales and engage your customers. Email marketing is likely one of the best solutions for your brand.

CBD-Friendly Email Marketing Platforms

When you want to pursue CBD email marketing, you’ll find that it is an effective channel for communication with your customers. Email campaigns allow you to interact with, promote your products to, and grow your audience.

At the heart of these campaigns is an email service provider or an email marketing platform. However, it’s important that you find a CBD-friendly platform to avoid potential disasters. From abrupt account cancellations to random suspensions, you need to feel safe and comfortable as you promote your business. Focus on platforms that offer clear rules and policies surrounding CBD.

CBD Replenishment Emails

When it comes to CBD marketing and consumer outreach, one of the best campaigns to run is a replenishment email campaign. CBD products are usable, consumable. This means that they run out eventually. Consider products like vape cartridges or edibles. These products need replenishment, and they tend to come with instructions and determined quantities.

When you set up an automated email campaign for replenishment, you can reach out to your customers when it’s time for them to reorder. With the right email provider, you can establish a connection to your shop’s records. Once you analyze your customers’ behavior, you can set up an automated reminder that anticipates their needs.

Personalized Welcome Emails

There’s nothing better than a great first impression. Welcome emails set the stage for your audience and show what your subscribers can expect from your CBD emails. It’s important for you to ensure the content is relevant, beyond a simple hello. This helps to move the customer relationship forward.

With a good email design, you can showcase your main offerings in a way that highlights your brand and reaffirms their subscription to your newsletter.

CBD Email Marketing and Newsletters

Good content is essential for customer retention. It also helps you attract new customers. People are always curious about what you have to say. Clearly, they have an interest in CBD and CBD products, and this means there is a great opportunity for a newsletter. Here are some ideas for content to share.

Industry News

There’s a lot going on in the CBD industry. The constant changes can make all the news around your products a little confusing. Here’s an opportunity for you to set the record straight. Moreover, it helps you keep your audience informed.

How to Use Products

When you want your CBD email marketing to stand out, service and support are crucial. With tailored, unique emails, you can address the questions and concerns of your audience.

Share Reviews

Typically, CBD products are created with taste and pleasure in mind. Your audience likely wants to know more information about your products, and who better to tell them than other customers? Newsletters are a great opportunity to provide and request reviews while keeping your audience in the loop.


These days, the powerhouse brands take advantage of all sorts of media. From videos to podcasts, an array of opportunities exists for you to promote your online CBD store. Your CBD email marketing campaigns can be a great opportunity to cross-promote your efforts.

Blog-Style Posts

While our turnkey CBD websites don’t come with a blog feature, email marketing is a  great way to repurpose and share educational content. Keep in touch with your community, share your thoughts, and ask them what they think in return.

CBD Email Marketing and You

CBD email marketing seems to be a major untapped channel, but in a few years, it’ll likely be the standard. Don’t get left in the dust while others take advantage of this widely missed opportunity!

In digital marketing strategy, email campaigns hold great power for e-commerce brands. With a unique spin, your brand’s emails can take your company to a new level!

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