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CBD Opportunities from Sleep and Stress Worries

CBD opportunities seem almost evergreen at this point. As the industry booms and research continues, we see more potential for CBD products and how they might benefit the public. For instance, sleep is something many Americans value but find themselves in need of. Oftentimes, health experts view sleep issues in the United States as a looming health crisis.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 40% of Americans do not get enough sleep. Among people of color, the problem seems to be even worse.
Health experts classify “sleep insufficiency” as less than seven hours of sleep each night. Moreover, they believe it leads to long-term health issues, ranging form heart health to mental health.
Oftentimes, these issues lead to late-night searches and surges in digital consumption. While this is good for eCommerce, it’s terrible for sleep. Last year in 2020, the word “insomnia” was used in more searches on Google than ever before. According to research by Kirsi-Marja Zitting, an instructor and associate neuroscientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, people set the record for searches in the first five months of 2020 with about 2.77 million online searches for the term.
Additionally, the American Sleep Apnea Association reports that between 20 – 30 million people in America suffer from intermittent sleep issues in a given year. With regard to CBD opportunities, this means people are searching for relief.

CBD Opportunities: Meaning Over Money

While the sleep market presents a growth opportunity, many of those who believe in the power of CBD see it as a chance to make a difference. Indeed, many CBD companies see their products as a chance to make a positive change in people’s lives. There is a continuous drive for research and improvement in the uses of this cannabinoid.
Moreover, as families struggle to manage the added toll of the pandemic stressors, they are more and more open to non-addictive sleep aids and non-pharmaceutical products. Alongside Gen Z, millennials played a large part in the growth of the CBD market towards the end of 2020.
With the extended duration of the pandemic, some of the stigmas around mental health and CBD have dissipated. People seem to place far more importance on their overall well-being and searching for opportunities to improve their health.
However, this also means that education is far more important as an aspect of CBD marketing. As CBD opportunities arise, consumer need clear education about CBD products. It’s important to promote the importance of sleep in addition to the benefits of your products.

Coping With CBD Products

Throughout the pandemic, people have grown more aware of how closely tied sleep is to stress. With stress levels among adults in the U.S. higher than ever, people are far more open to talking about their emotions, stress, sleep issues, and anxiety. These conversations have become central in homes and communities, and people want ways to cope – whether it’s exercise and meditation or CBD products.
In part, this openness has led to the growth of the sleep market, with sales rising across an array of supplements. Moreover, sleep-related prescriptions are at an all-time high. Truly, the pandemic has elevated everyone’s awareness of the power of sleep while softening the belief that “sleep is for suckers.”
Today, many consumers have a preference for natural, plant-based solutions, and this includes CBD opportunities for its potential benefits.

CBD Opportunities and CBD Marketing

As consumer and market trends shift, so do workplace policies and practices. In the past, employers put a lot of focus on physical health. Today, they see the need to expand this to include mental health. As alcohol consumption rises and consumers turn to addictive remedies, there are many concerns around remote workers returning to offices with substance misuse issues.
While there are many restrictions on the CBD industry and marketing efforts, there are legal and effective CBD marketing tactics to promote CBD as an all-natural sleep product.

Content Marketing

CBD opportunities abound with content marketing buys. Companies often work directly with publishers who are willing to craft custom marketing campaigns. This allows CBD brands to leverage user consent-driven segmentation while encouraging a personalized experience.

Educational Content

Education is an important factor in the wellness market. CBD brands should use their channels to responsible educate their communities about the importance of sleep.

Strategic Partnerships

Many nonprofits and foundations are becoming more and more willing to partner with CBD brands as acceptance and legalization shift.

Moreover, it’s essential to promote positive lifestyle changes beyond CBD use. People deserve to be and stay well, and good outcomes for consumers are good for everyone.

Launch Your Own CBD Brand

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