CBD Dropshipping

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Starting a CBD store with Greentech is a great way to build a business quickly and efficiently. With a professional CBD website designed to reflect your branding, you can dropship high-quality CBD products with a consistent and reliable inventory.

When you work with Greentech, you gain access to a broad product inventory of CBD oils, edibles, and more. Moreover, we offer comprehensive software solutions in addition to end-to-end business consulting services. When you want to dropship CBD products, Greentech provides an all-in-one e-commerce platform that connects you with specialized distributors and payment processors.




Stop wondering how CBD Drop-Shipping works and make it work for you.

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What Is Drop-Shipping?

The term “drop-shipping” refers to a form of retail fulfillment. In this process, your store doesn’t
maintain the inventory it sells. Instead, you sell your product with a drop-shipping model:


Buys Product

Someone Buys a CBD Product From Your Online Store


Automated Inventory

Your Store Automatically Buys The Product from Greentech™


Branded & Shipped

We Apply Your Brand & Ship the Product Directly To The Customer.

How CBD Drop-Shipping Works For New Business

When you want to start a CBD website, it’s much easier if you don’t have to work with the actual inventory. When you leverage our CBD drop-shipping platform for your e-commerce site, you avoid the following hurdles.

Packing & Shipping Orders
Tracking Inventory
Handling Returns
Continually Managing Your Inventory

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    What Are the Benefits of Drop-Shipping CBD?

    CBD drop-shipping through Greentech offers you a great business model for a plethora of reasons. Above all, drop-shipping is one of the best options for an aspiring business owner because it offers an accessible business model.

    This model is one of the most popular ways to build a business. This is because it provides you with a low-cost opportunity to select and market products in high demand. Here are a few more reasons behind the rise in popularity of CBD drop-shipping.

    Lower Startup Capital & Higher ROI

    One of the main advantages of our CBD dropshipping program is that we provide everything you need to launch your CBD website.

    Low Overhead E-Commerce Platform

    As you explore how CBD drop-shipping works, you’ll see that our platform offers you a lot of savings.

    Scale Your Business with Ease

    When you leverage CBD drop-shipping with one of our CBD websites, our network of distributors takes on the added work.

    Is Dropshipping CBD Profitable?

    In recent years, CBD dropshipping has become an increasingly popular business model. For savvy marketers, the CBD industry offers a high-yield profit potential so long as you have the right branding and high-quality CBD products.

    Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics, two of leaders in cannabis research, believe that US CBD sales are on track to exceed $20 billion by the end of 2024. They credit this to the growth potential of the industry, which expands year by year. With seemingly unlimited profit potential, CBD dropshipping through a turnkey CBD website is an ideal way to benefit from the potential of this growing industry.

    Because hemp contains more CBD than its cannabis counterpart, CBD extraction is a generally affordable process. This means that a diverse marketplace of online CBD stores gain growing support from hemp farms.

    Can You Help Me Build My Website? Turnkey CBD Web Solutions

    When you work with Greentech’s e-commerce CBD platform, we have an array of options available for entrepreneurs to start their online CBD store. If you already have a website, we can incorporate fulfillment and shipping into your store.

    However, we also offer turnkey CBD websites to those who do not have the time to design and develop their own e-commerce site. Our turnkey CBD solutions offer you a quick, simple way to establish your online store. We equip our websites with everything you need to get your business off the ground.

    Whether you have a brand or need help with design, we work within your vision to craft a custom CBD store that looks and feels unique. Because Greentech provides turnkey websites for sale, we do all the work for you. This means you can skip a lengthy design process and don’t need to spend weeks making tweaks with developers.

    Reach out to the team at Greentech and let us help you get started with a functional turnkey CBD website equipped with our CBD dropshipping services.

    Flexibility in Testing How
    CBD Drop-shipping Works for You

    Our turnkey CBD platform offers a fulfillment method for new and veteran business owners alike to test the appetites of their audience. Our distributors maintain a broad spectrum of products that we make available to our clients.

    This allows you to list anything and everything you wish to sell on your CBD website. Again, the main benefit of how CBD dropshipping works is the potential to sell before you commit to inventory purchases.

    CBD Dropshipping: CBD Products for Your Turnkey CBD Website

    When you work with Greentech Software, your turnkey CBD website is equipped with select products available in both white-label CBD dropshipping and private label inventory purchases. Through our dropshipping program, we set the stage for you to offer high-quality hemp oil and CBD products. We cater our services to allow you to sell CBD products to your audience that meet FDA standards while offering a quality your customers can enjoy.

    As a premier source of turnkey full spectrum hemp extract products, we offer an innovative solution to establishing your online CBD store. With aggressive, targeted marketing, we can help you build your CBD e-commerce brand while reducing your launch efforts and time to market.

    CBD Products through Our Dropshipping Program

    Hemp Oil Dropshipping

    We formulate our CBD oils with natural botanicals as well as high-quality cannabidiol. These tinctures are a popular product for today’s connoisseurs.

    The oils sold through our CBD dropshipping program are made without synthetics or chemical processing. They rely on a “Supercritical CO2 Extraction” and produce the purest and highest grade of our natural products.

    CBD Isolate Tinctures: CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, free from other naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This includes THC. The isolate is infused into an MCT oil, which helps the CBD absorb into the body efficiently.

    Full Spectrum Tinctures: Full Spectrum CBD oil contains all of the naturally occurring compounds found in hemp. This includes trace amounts of THC at FDA-approved levels, amino acids, and terpenes.

    Broad Spectrum Tinctures: Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains the compounds found in hemp naturally. However, it excludes the trace amounts of THC.

    cbd dropshipping - tinctures

    Vapes and CBD

    Our CBD vape extracts are a great addition to your CBD dropshipping plan. They are made with high-grade hemp to provide your customers with a smooth draw and a soothing CBD effect.

    CBD Capsules: These high-quality CBD capsules provide your audience with a portable solution to their daily dose. With gel or regular capsules, an array of strengths are available.

    Disposable Vape Pen: These vape pens provide an easy, enjoyable way for your customers to get their daily dose of CBD.

    Vape Cartridges: CBD vape cartridges are made from organic hemp oil. These are a popular product among the booming CBD audience.

    cbd dropshipping - vapes

    CBD Edibles

    CBD edibles come in a broad spectrum of forms, from gummies and dried fruits to popcorn and honey sticks. These edibles are available in a wide array of flavors that customers love through our CBD dropshipping solution.

    Gummies: Made with high-quality raw materials, these CBD-infused gummies come in a variety of flavors. Using isolate, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum, we customize these products to meet your audience’s needs.

    Honey Sticks: With our CBD dropshipping program, you can offer honey sticks made of grade A honey infused with concentrated CBD.

    Dried Fruits: Offer the flavors your customers love with all the health properties they crave. These dried fruits are infused with CBD to create a portable, potent, and nutritious snack.

    cbd dropshipping - gummies

    Body & Skin Care Products

    People love the soothing CBD creams made with high-quality hemp. With a topical botanical base, they come in a variety of formulas that appeal to a broad audience.

    Hemp Lotion: This CBD hemp lotion offers intensive relief in a soothing treatment. This solution is perfect for muscle aches and soreness and popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

    CBD Salve: Provide your audience with the soothing benefits of a CBD salve. Massaged into the skin to provide relief, it is available in a range of strengths.

    Bath bombs: CBD bath bombs offer your customers a way to improve their self-care routine. Infusing a luxury spa experience with high-quality CBD, it comes in a variety of strengths and scents.

    cbd dropshipping - roll-on pain relief

    CBD Pet Products

    Target the rapidly growing sector of the CBD industry that use products for their pets. From treats and oils to sprays, people often utilize CBD pet products for cats, dogs, and even horses.

    Pet Treats: These pet treats are a great choice for pet owners. Infused with CBD, they offer a delicious, soothing snack for dogs and cats.

    Tinctures & Sprays: Popular and versatile, these CBD oil tinctures and sprays are great for any customer who wants to add a daily dose of CBD to their pet’s diet.

    cbd dropshipping - pet treats

    CBD Dropshipping for Aggressive Marketers

    When you utilize our CBD e-commerce platform and dropshipping services, we do everything possible to make your job easy. We take joy in helping entrepreneurs develop a new business as well as sharing our suppliers’ CBD products. With our efficient and effective turnkey solutions, all you have to do is market your brand to your target audience.

    Whether you take advantage of our fully functional turnkey CBD websites or utilize our CBD dropshipping and fulfillment program, we design our services to make your life easier. With Greentech, you never have to worry about the logistics. All you need to focus on is building out a community of CBD and hemp enthusiasts.

    As you foster relationships with your clients and community, your business grows. When you grow, we all grow, making our platform a win for everyone involved. With a pricing structure to suit scalable business growth, our platform helps anyone and everyone get a head start in the CBD industry.

    Contact our team today to get a free demo of Greentech Software’s unique CBD-eCommerce platform.

    Is CBD Dropshipping Legal?

    As a business model, dropshipping CBD is perfectly legal. For CBD products, CBD is considered a controlled substance per the United Nations drug control conventions. In the United States, the federal government classifies cannabis plants in two categories:

    Hemp – The hemp plant contains less than 0.3% THC.

    Marijuana – This plant contains far more THC.

    In terms of CBD, hemp plants have a much higher concentration of CBD. This makes hemp a much better choice for CBD extraction. Moreover, hemp is perfectly legal to grow in all 50 states per the 2014 Farm Bill.

    With the updated 2018 Farm Bill, the USA cleared up the confusion around the legality of CBD and CBD products. This bill states that hemp prohibition has ended. Additionally, it removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. As a result, CBD is now an agricultural commodity, which includes extracts and any derivatives.

    Minimizing Startup Risks with Dropshipping

    When you utilize our CBD dropshipping program for your online store, you minimize the costs of your startup. Whether you decide to close or scale your business, your initial investment is minimal.

    While there’s no expectation for a change in the upward trend of the CBD industry, our fulfillment program allows you to be less susceptible to a loss of revenue because you never have to deal with excessive inventory, warehousing, or fulfillment. This also allows you to provide niche items alongside the best sellers in order to set your store apart.

    Protection from Overstocking

    Those with e-commerce experience understand that market fluctuations aren’t always predictable. While some products are subject to seasonal fluctuations, many are not. In more traditional business models, market fluctuations lead to overstocking, which raises inventory costs.

    With our fulfillment program, you save money without losing sales. Whether you utilize our white-label CBD dropshipping or our minimal investment of private label inventory, you cut costs whenever you need to by stocking up on what you know you can sell. Whenever unexpected demand comes in, providing the increase in supply is simple.

    Whether brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, retailers always face uncertainty. CBD dropshipping offers a great safeguard against this problem. Moreover, it provides a great form of insurance against any extreme circumstances.

    For example, should a natural disaster cause you to lose power at home or in your office, your business continues to run in the background without a delay in orders.

    Market Research without the Cost

    CBD dropshipping is a great way to test out new products and conduct market research without the risk. Instead of raising the cost of your inventory by filling a warehouse with unpredictable CBD products, you can test products out with trial periods. Beyond testing how products sell, you gain more insight into how much it sells for and how to reach your target market.

    Oftentimes, new products carry inherent risks. For example, just because you can sell dog food doesn’t mean you can sell cat food. While new products can be hit-or-miss, our CBD dropshipping program allows you to test the waters by adding products to your website and seeing what works for your audience.

    Only Thing Left to Do is to
    Call Greentech to Start Your Store

    If you still have questions about how CBD dropshipping works with our platform, feel free to contact us. While dropshipping isn’t a perfect way to build a successful e-commerce business, it is a far more accessible opportunity.

    Our turnkey CBD platform comes with numerous advantages to help you build a start-up that works. With the right planning, consideration, , and marketing, you can resolve many of the hurdles new business owners face. Contact our team today to see how you can build a thriving and profitable CBD drop shipping business.

    CBD Dropshipping FAQ

    How does CBD dropshipping work?

    How It Works

    With Greentech Software, our white label CBD dropshipping is a simple business model. When you subscribe to our platform, you receive a turnkey CBD website to market. Fully equipped with the top payment processors in the industry, all you have to do is promote your online store.

    When a customer places an order, you buy directly from our suppliers. From there, our team of specialists fulfills the order, shipping it directly to your customer’s door. That means you can sell CBD online from just about anywhere in the world without having to worry about inventory management or fulfillment!

    Do I need to purchase inventory for my online CBD store?


    No, the beauty of our white label CBD dropshipping is that you never have to manage your inventory or make purchases. Your customer simply buys the product from, which automatically initiates your purchase from the supplier.

    However, with our private label fulfillment option, you do have to make a minimum inventory investment upfront. This option provides you with products that match your specific brand, labelled to reflect your visual identity. Through this option, we still provide fulfillment services so that you never have to worry about shipping or distribution.

    How much do I need to start dropshipping CBD with Greentech?


    When you start dropshipping CBD with Greentech Software, one of the best things about it is the minimal investment. With our turnkey websites, we provide you with everything you need to sell CBD online. We offer different subscription levels depending on the need of your business and are always happy to answer your questions when you schedule a free demo.

    It’s important to remember that with a turn key startup, the costs and overhead are much lower when compared to a standard e-commerce store. With our dropshipping options, you won’t need to order in bulk, worry about storage, or concern yourself with the delivery. This makes it one of the more affordable options for people who want to launch a CBD startup while the industry is booming.

    How can I dropship CBD successfully?

    There are many stores that sell CBD on Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. While some are more successful than others, they all have to abide by the same rules or risk being shut down by the FDA.

    At Greentech Software, we give you a head start with our turnkey websites. Every site we provide comes with the necessary FDA compliance statements as well as a Certificate of Analysis for each product sold. Whether you want to sell CBD edibles or CBD self-care products, we help you establish a solid foundation.

    Alongside statements about the FDA, our product pages provide useful information. This includes product descriptions, use, ingredients, and benefits. As you build a community around your CBD brand, you’ll also garner reviews to confirm the quality and reliability of your products.

    With the right information available, we help you establish what you need to build a CBD brand that your audience can trust. From there, we provide extensive marketing tools to help you promote your business.

    Do you help with graphic design and web design?

    Graphic Design and Web Design

    We do! When you subscribe to Greentech’s software, we provide access to graphic designers and web designers who work with you to bring your CBD brand to fruition. As a provider of turnkey CBD websites and CBD dropshipping services, we focus on giving you access to everything you need to establish a foundation for your business.

    Do you supply the products?

    CBD Dropshipping and Fulfillment Program

    Yes, our distributor supplies a broad spectrum of CBD products. Once you subscribe to our software, you have the ability to choose which products you wish to sell on your online CBD store.

    With our white label CBD dropshipping program, you pay for what your customers buy. However, we also offer a private label fulfillment program, which requires a minimum inventory purchase.

    What if I want to work with a different supplier?

    Preferred Supplier Integration

    When you prefer to work with another supplier, that’s no problem! We are happy to integrate their products into your online CBD store.

    What’s the difference between CBD dropshipping and the private label program?

    White Label or Private Label

    Through our white label fulfillment program, products carry the label of our in-house brand. The main benefit of this option is that there is no requirement for inventory purchases. When you make a sale on your website, you only pay for the supplier’s price of the product, which is covered by what the customer pays.

    With our private label program, your CBD brand appears on the products you choose to stock. Our team of designers work with you to design the label, and you choose the quantity of inventory for each product you wish to sell in your store. Unlike dropshipping CBD, this option requires a minimum purchase.

    Am I responsible for fulfilling orders?

    Order Fulfillment

    No, no matter which option you choose, our team handles the processing, fulfillment, and shipping of any products that your customers purchase. This is also true of our private label program. After your minimum purchase, we store your inventory in our fulfillment center.

    However, should you elect to manage your inventory yourself, we can ship the labelled products to you or your warehouse.

    Am I responsible for marketing my store?

    CBD Marketing

    Once your online CBD store is set up, we provide you with all the tools you need to run your new e-commerce business. Your job is to market your website and drive traffic to it. Our CBD e-commerce platform is built with extensive marketing tools meant to assist you as you run and monitor campaigns.

    Do you provide tech support and customization options?

    Tech Support and Customization

    We are proud to offer tech support around the clock to all of our clients. Moreover, when you need to develop customized features or integrate a third-party service into our platform, we are happy to help. All you have to do is submit your request, and we’ll get to work.

    What tools come with your CBD dropshipping platform?

    CBD Dropshipping and Our CRM

    Our CBD e-commerce platform comes with a CRM that allows you to manage your clients by tracking their activity and order history. Through the CRM, you are also able to send them personal emails.

    Our platform also features a built-in call center that monitors sellers as well as the call status of any leads.

    When I use your CBD E-commerce platform, when do funds hit my bank account?

    When to Expect Funds

    When you utilize Greentech’s CBD dropshipping platform, the money transfer typically depends on which merchant account and payment processor you choose. In the majority of cases, the funds for transactions in your online CBD store are deposited 2 days after the transaction occurs.

    Greentech invoices your account monthly for the subscription fee, and any products purchased through dropshipping will be invoiced monthly for the white-label CBD program. For the private label option, you would pay upfront for the inventory.

    What sales management tools are included in your CBD dropshipping platform?

    With Greentech Software’s e-commerce tech, you gain access to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This platform allows you to manage your clients by tracking their activity and order history. You also have the ability to send them a personalized email. Similarly, your store is equipped with a call center feature that monitors the call status of any leads.

    What is included with your plans?

    As a technology provider, Greentech supplies you with the front-end store, CRM platform, options for payment processors, access to suppliers, order fulfillment, and other tools.

    Do I own the website if I end my subscription?

    Turnkey Website Ownership

    Should you elect to end your subscription, you would lose access to Greentech’s CBD e-commerce platform. In this case, you would still maintain ownership of the domain name and your merchant account for your CBD store. However, you would be required to redesign and rebuild your website.

    Who handles customer issues such as returns or complaints?

    While they do not happen very often, handling returns and complaints would be up to you and the CBD dropshipping supplier you work with. Greentech Software provides you with the technology and infrastructure with which to manage your customers and suppliers.

    However, we are unable to manage your business relationships on your behalf, and you can handle them as you see fit. For instance, in the event that the wrong product was shipped to a customer, you would let the fulfillment center know so that they can rectify the issue.

    With that said, Greentech is happy to offer assistance and support on anything related to our e-commerce platform. As your tech provider, we strive to be quick, efficient, and effective to ensure your operation runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and urge you to get in touch with us whenever you face a software issue.

    When someone makes a purchase through my store, do I gain their contact information?

    Absolutely! When you utilize our CBD software, you gain access to a CRM that allows you to manage you customer relationships. If you’d like to schedule a demo, we are more than happy to show you how our CRM works.

    Do you handle PCI compliance with credit cards and debit cards?

    Ongoing PCI compliance is up to your merchant account provider. Our CBD dropshipping platform simply allows you to integrate your preferred payment processor in order for your website to process orders. However, we do maintain the necessary FDA disclaimers and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) necessary for your website to remain compliant.

    Are the CBD products from your suppliers third-party tested?

    Yes, all of the products we integrate into our CBD dropshipping websites are tested by third-party, independent labs.

    When you utilize our CBD e-commerce platform, your online store lists the Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) required for it to remain compliant, as well as for your customers to trust in the quality of the products you sell.

    How long do CBD products last?

    The shelf life of CBD products varies depending on the formulation and storage conditions, but you can expect a shelf life of 1-2 years for CBD oil. At our partner facilities, we work to ensure your inventory is properly stored until it ships to your customers. Our suppliers also ensure products have a substantial shelf life in addition to providing relevant information to your customers as they peruse your products.

    What experience does your team have in branding and eCommerce solutions?

    CBD Dropshipping with Design You Can Trust

    At Greentech Software, we work with a team of designers and developers who are able to provide customized websites and designs when you elect to purchase the customization package. Our team has a broad array of experience working with a variety of brands and understands

    the importance of offering a unique look and feel through your online CBD store.

    Whether you have your branding and logo designed, we can either implement your brand or work with you to develop a design that suits your vision. We strive to create beautiful brands and websites that set you apart from the competition.

    What is Branding?

    Your Brand, Your Identity

    Your brand is the voice, visual identity, and personality of your business. The brand determines how you communicate with your customers and should clearly express the values of your business. Branding pulls together details to ensure they work harmoniously. As such, it can be a delicate process.

    With the right care and guidance, we help you craft a strong image for your CBD dropshipping site to ensure you entice your target market. When you have a strong, consistent brand, you help your target audience engage with your site and remember who you are.

    What is a typical timeline for setting up a CBD dropshippi

    As a turnkey CBD website solution, we pride ourselves in expediting the design and development process for our clients. However, the timeline for a project depends on a host of factors. Still, we endeavor to complete high-quality projects as quickly as possible.

    From our end, we can set you up with a fully compliant CBD store within 48 hours. How quickly you’ll really be ready to go depends on how long you would like to take to customize your website, as well as how long your merchant account approval process takes (if you do not already have one). Typically, Greentech’s clients are up and running in 1-4 weeks.

    Through excellent customer service and great results, we work to build lasting, long-term partnerships with our clients. When we develop a website through our e-commerce platform, we want to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

    Will you show me how to use my online store?

    CBD Dropshipping Demos

    Of course!

    Whether you’re curious about what our CBD e-commerce platform has to offer or have signed up as a client, we want you to know how to maximize the potential of the product. For those curious, simply schedule a demo with our team, and we can show you how our platform works to your continued benefit and is designed to help you grow your business.

    When we launch your website, we can walk you through the ins and outs of the website to ensure you feel comfortable and in control. While you won’t need to do any work directly with the website, we want to ensure the final product meets your expectations. With your subscription to our service, you gain access to ongoing maintenance such as minor fixes and updates.