Turnkey CBD Websites

Greentech turnkey CBD websites are a fast and easy way to set up your own CBD e-commerce website. We equip our online CBD businesses with everything you need to start your business and generate revenue.

Our team works with your brand to create a customized CBD store that looks and feels unique, reflecting your company’s branding in every aspect. Because we offer turnkey eCommerce websites for sale, all the work of building the website is done. This means you don’t have to wait through a lengthy design process or wait for developers to build it out.

When you reach out to the team at Greentech, we help you hit the ground running with a fully functional turnkey CBD website. Contact us today to see how our team can help you start your CBD and hemp e-commerce business in a flash.

The Benefits of CBD E-Commerce with Greentech

When it comes to starting your own online CBD store, we strive to make the process as painless as possible. With a quick and easy start-up via turnkey eCommerce websites, we offer access to everything your business needs to succeed.

Top Payment Processors for CBD

We equip our CBD e-commerce stores with secure and reliable payment processors designed to function for the sale of CBD products.

Full Compliance

Our turnkey CBD stores comply with all FDA regulations and have Certificates of Authenticity for high-quality hemp and CBD products.

CBD Dropshipping

With our drop-shipping services, you never have to purchase inventory again. We provide a broad spectrum of high-quality CBD products.

Responsive Turnkey CBD Websites

A fully responsive turnkey eCommerce website delivers a better first impression no matter what device your audience uses.

Easy Access

Once your CBD store is ready, you have total control over the content. Our CRM allows you to edit the images and descriptions on your site 24/7.

24/7 Personal Support

When you need help with your website, the Greentech team is here for you around the clock.


Why Use a Turnkey CBD Website?

When you utilize one of our turnkey CBD websites, you essentially buy a fully functioning business. This allows you to skip a lot of steps that usually come with starting your own business. From establishing reliable payment processors to design and buildout, we cover the basics of your online store so that you don’t have to.

We design our turnkey e-commerce websites to suit people who want to invest in an online store without the hassle of everyday management. With our pre-built site, you shield yourself from the frustrations of technical difficulties that arise throughout the development process.

Greentech works with the top payment processors for CBD e-commerce sites, ensuring reliable and safe transactions. Moreover, all of our turnkey CBD websites comply with FDA regulations on the sale of CBD. This means you never have to worry about your site being flagged or taken down for false claims.

Turnkey CBD Website FAQ

Do you offer graphic design and web design with your turnkey CBD websites?

We do! With a subscription to Greentech Software’s turnkey CBD website platform, we provide you with access to our team of graphic designers and web designers. They work with you to bring your vision to life. As a provider of an industry-leading CBD eCommerce platform, we provide access to all the tools you need to succeed.

Do you supply the products for my online CBD store?

Yes, Greentech works with our distributor to supply a broad spectrum of CBD products. When you subscribe to our platform, you can choose which products you wish to sell online. Through our white label CBD dropshipping service, you only pay for what your customers buy. However, we also offer a private label fulfillment program with custom branding. This service requires a minimum investment in inventory.

Will my turnkey eCommerce website work with a different supplier?

Turnkey eCommerce Website Suppliers

Absolutely! If you want to use another supplier with your online CBD store, that is no problem. Our team is happy to integrate their products into your turnkey eCommerce website.

What’s the difference between white label dropshipping and private label fulfillment?

Through our white label CBD dropshipping program, you carry our in-house brand of high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products. The core benefit of this option is that you do not have to invest in inventory upfront.

When you opt for our private label CBD products, our designers work with you to develop custom labels that appear on your products. You select the quantity of each product, and we store your stock at our distribution center. This option does require a minimum purchase.

Who fulfills the orders that come in?

Fulfillment and Distribution

With your turnkey CBD website, you are not responsible for fulfillment. Whether you select CBD dropshipping or the private label program, our team of specialists handles the fulfillment of orders your customers place.

However, should you prefer to manage your inventory yourself, we are able to ship any pre-purchased inventory to you or your warehouse. Your turnkey eCommerce website will run the same, but notifications will go to you instead of our suppliers.

Am I responsible for marketing my turnkey CBD website?

After you subscribe to our CBD eCommerce platform, we provide you with all the tools you need to run your business. With the keys to your site, your job is to drive traffic and build a community around your brand.

Greentech Software’s platform is built with extensive marketing tools that assist with running and monitoring campaigns. Additionally, our blog is regularly updated with tips about CBD marketing and how to maximize your ROI.

Do you offer technical support and custom options?

Absolutely! Greentech is proud to provide tech support around the clock to our clients. Additionally, our team of web designers are available to integrate third-party services and work out customized features. Simply submit a request, and our team is happy to get to work.

What kind of tools come with your turnkey CBD websites?

Turnkey eCommerce Website Tools

With our eCommerce platform, your turnkey CBD website is more than just a store. Your site is equipped with the top payment processors in the CBD industry. Moreover, our CBD platform is equipped with a CRM that helps you manage clients, tracking their activity and order history. Through our platform, you are also able to send personalized emails to your customers, such as reminders to restock their products.

The Greentech Software platform also comes with a built-in call center that monitors sellers as well as the call status of any leads you receive through your turnkey eCommerce website.